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Commercial Building Complex For Sale or Long-term Lease
in The Gambia.



This is a multipurpose commercial building for either out right sale or long term lease, located in the heart of Brusubi in the Gambia. This building can be used as offices, lodge, hotel, hospital, hostel, college, etc. The property is currently being run as rental studio apartments.

The current built up Area is just under  : 1,500 m2 on two levels (with room for further expansion of 10 apartments on the 2nd Floor, which will increase the built up area to just under 2,300 m2 )

Brief Description : Each studio apartment is a single Room with en-suite shower, toilet and wash basin, plus kitchen sink. Dining and kitchen areas. Front and back Balcony.

Number of Studio Apartments: 20 units with capacity to build 10 more units on the second floor.

Plot size : From 25 meters wide to 60 meters long. Roads on two sides of plot (60 meter on two sides).

Distance from Highway : 30 meters.

Location : Brusubi Highway, The Gambia.

SALE PRICE : By Meeting only.


£30,000.00 / YEAR

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Land for sale in Gambia
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